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  1. What is the 8-week program? This is an online assessment and improvement program in the lead up to the Camp. Each week you'll get a new assignment from the team and we'll assess the video you send back to us. In most countries, we also have links to coaches on the ground who will be able to help you with extra sessions if you require.

  2. Do I have to be a Rookie to apply? No, you do not as in 2019 you'll still be eligible for the Draft.

  3. Is attendance required for the full Camp? Yes, as we'll be doing differing drills, education and testing during the camp this will take the full 3 days and there is an expectation that you'd attend all of it. In special circumstances, we might be able to allow for a small period to be missed.

  4. Will there be an Australia trip as per 2018? Currently, there will not be due to our levels of funding. We wanted to make sure as many athletes as possible were seen by clubs in 2019 and the best way to do this was to host Camps where our applicants were from.

  5. Will there be other Camp locations? We're currently investigating the possibility of Camps in North America and other locations but this will come down to the level of interest from those regions of the world.

  6. Can applications come from any country? Yes.

  7. Are applications from outside Ireland allowed to attend the Camp in Ireland? Yes, and we'd recommend you do.

  8. Are flights and accommodation to Camps included in the costUnfortunately not. We are trying to keep costs as low as possible for our applicants and therefore travel and accommodation would be the responsibility of the applicant.

  9. What is involved at the Camp? The Camp will be jam-packed with presentations from Clubs, the League, CrossCoders in-between testing your athletic ability through the AFLW combine tests, teaching you the basic skills of the game and putting these all to practice in match simulation. We'll also be helping you prepare for the Clubs and their interview process.

  10. Who is leading the Camp? The Camp will be led by current AFLW Superstar, and CrossCoders co-founder, Lauren Spark alongside other CrossCoders staff and guests from the AFL and AFLW.

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