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During the early stages of 2018, a group of like-minded individuals came together with the dream to make more opportunities for women across the world in sport. Right now we are seeing a growing movement across many different sports finally giving women the platform they deserve to showcase their talents and skills to the world. CrossCoders was born out of the desire to give women across the globe opportunities to succeed in sport, business and not be limited by the current professionalism of female sport.


Outside of the WNBA, Women’s Super League in English Soccer and the US College & University system there isn’t a second tier of elite sport. Either you make it or you don’t. This is where there is a gap. We believe that we can help close this gap by working with leagues like the AFLW to give an opportunity for those who are passionate about a career in professional sport.


With a team based in Melbourne, Australia and a growing league in Australian rules football our first objective is to bring this amazing game to the world. By providing an opportunity for elite sportswomen to join the league we believe this is the first step on this journey. 


In September 2017 the AFLW announced it would expand the league in both the 2019 and 2020 seasons. But with 180 new players needed questions have been asked. Where will these players come from? Are the U18’s of today ready? Or is this the perfect opportunity for the world to be exposed to Australian rules football? We think so.


In the fledgeling AFLW, we have seen the likes of Monique Conti, Erin Phillips and internationally Cora Stauton take their elite status in the likes of Basketball and Gaelic Football and turn this into AFLW success. The number of players who have taken these cross code sports and turn it into AFLW success has proven this to be a trend.


Over 2018, we spoke with hundreds of elite, aspiring and amateur athletes about what was missing in Women's sport. The feedback was:


  1. There wasn't enough female specific education or platforms for Health, Wellness, Nutrition or S&C

  2. Everything that was being done, in all levels of sport, was copy & pasted from Men's sport

  3. Opportunities either didn't exist or were hard to find for Women


We were astounded, outraged and made a promise to ourselves that we would do everything in our power to change that.


Therefore, CrossCoders is evolving and in 2019 we take our first steps to be a platform for all women, in all sports, in all continents providing them with the right education, coaching, and opportunities to make their dreams a reality. We believe that every woman should have the right access to the right opportunity no matter where they may lie.


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